Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Distillery Landscaping part 1: Hobbit Door

We wanted to get some of the landscaping done before we got too busy with the actual running of the business.
 I don't think I mentioned that we we were approved for our federal permit! Yea! Now we have to get our NY State license, but we need our certificate of occupancy before we can submit that application. The code officer came out last week and we passed our final inspection, so we should have the certificate in a week or so. He's letting us have up to 40 people in there!
So, anyway, we had a beautiful day, and it wasn't 90 degrees, so we decided to put in the door for our resident Hobbit.

We took the spool that the electric wire came on and screwed them together. Then we took some leftover floor boards from when we did the house and screwed those on, and Vince cut around those to make a circle.

I painted it blue and did some faux texture along the edge of the boards. Then I drew a hinge and traced and painted those on. After it was painted, we nailed a piece of flashing around the edge to help protect it, and cut some cedar shingles to form a roof and trim edge all around it. I didn't take any pictures of that, I get all wrapped up in doing these projects that I forget to document them sometimes!

Vince had cut out part of the bank right after Daryl got done with the septic system, so we had a place to start. Vince dug more out with a shovel and stone rake, then we set the door in there, and put a galvanized window well over the top so we could form a roof. Then Vince stacked stones up the sides to make it look more substantial.

We put a little walkway and some steps out front. I'll put some plants in there later in the year when it isn't so darn hot out and maybe we'll get some rain then!

This is what it looks from the other side of the driveway.

This is what it looks like from down by the pond. Pretty cool!! Vince says he would live there!

We wanted to make the whole experience of coming to the distillery just that, an experience. 
 I think we have a good start on that!