Thursday, August 13, 2015

robins and turtle and fawn, oh my!

A robin built her nest in one of my flower baskets on the back porch. I think it is the same one that had the nest out by the fire pit. She only had 3 babies this time. I've really enjoyed watching them up close, I just stand in the doorway and look out the window at them.I didn't get to watch the mother in action when they were out back, she kept flying away whenever I walked out there. She would fly away when we went out the door but always came right back.


They grow up so fast! The one in the back was the first one to fly!

Vince saw this guy truckin' across the yard toward the pond one morning. I looked it up on Google and it is a wood turtle. He was moving pretty fast, but stopped when we got over there to get a closer look. After we got done taking his picture and left, he started on his way again.

I think he is a real cutie!

     One morning while I was taking pictures of the baby robins, this doe and fawn came in to check things out.

I'm always amazed at what just wanders into my camera frame while I'm taking a picture of something else!