Sunday, June 26, 2016

Distillery: part 9 Fe, Fi, Faux, Fun!

These pictures are out of the order of when I did the projects- I did these over the past weekend and it is just too cool that I couldn't wait to share them! (actually it was 2 weekends ago now, my internet access conked out while I was trying to do this post originally, aarrgghhh! so I gave up)

I knew I wanted to faux wood grain the interior doors right from the beginning. I've had the wood grain tool since I was a teenager, but never used it because I didn't know how. Enter the wonderful world of you-tube! I watched a few videos (only one was really helpful) and said "wow! That looks really easy!" And it was! 

You need a light colored basecoat of paint on the door, and a dark color paint to mix with the glazing liquid. These are all water based paints/mediums. I mixed 1 part glaze with 3 parts paint for the glazing coat. Glazing medium allows you to dilute the paint consistency without changing the value of the color.

You put a coat of  your glazing mix on the door with a roller, then drag the tool through it using a light rocking motion. I did the door in sections because the medium will dry too fast. It is a very fast process!

This is the door to the utility room on the distillery side. I thought it would be a good practice one. I am really happy with it!

This is the fire door between the tasting room and the distillery, we had to put it in due to code regulations.

After the glaze dries, you put a coat of tinted water base varnish on. I mixed the same dark brown paint with a satin finish polyurethane. What a difference for this ugly door! I can't do anything about the door handle, it is a special one that came with the door. I thought about spray painting it black, but it was a pain to install and I don't really want to take it off to paint it.

This is the entrance door to the tasting room.

I printed these hinge designs from the internet. We didn't want to spend a ton of money on fake hinges for six doors ( one needed them for both sides!), so I figured I could stencil them on.

Handy dandy stencil melts the stencil material to cut it.

Decide where you want a hinge...

Be a contortionist to get in the weird wonder my hips and shoulders hurt!

Finished door! I used this design on the utility, storage and bathroom doors. I'm going to use the other, more ornate one for the fire door and the 2 entrance doors. I've got to wait on those for a while, I have other things to finish so we can get our certificate of occupancy. Then I can go back and do more fun stuff.

 So far this has been one of the most fun projects that I have done. It gives a great effect without spending a ton of money, and it was a fairly fast process. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Distillery part 8: painting stuff

This time it really has been too long! I've been looking for my photos on this computer for a half an hour trying to figure out if I have edited any yet or not! The last time I tried to do a post a few weeks ago, when I turned on the computer, it said it wasn't connected to any network, so I couldn't get on line. Vince wasn't here, and I don't have a clue! So I said a few choice swear words and watched a movie instead!
We have been having computer or internet issues lately (mom, too, her hard drive went in her laptop, we had it replaced and then the new one went also, so it is currently back at the repairman's - the Computer Man in Johnson city). The hard drive in Vince's work computer croaked last week, so he is working on fixing that as I write this. There is nothing more frustrating than these computers!
Our internet connection is so slow in the mornings that it takes forever for me to process orders and get the postage printed from my program, and God forbid it be a foreign order, that can take up to a 1/2 hour just to print a label out!! Needless to say that the last thing I want to do is go near a computer. I miss the good old days before all this technology ran our lives. I'm so glad to have the distillery project to get me away from the computer (for now anyway, wait till we open and have to all our reporting to the government online!)

Well. We have been very busy and have gotten a lot done in the last few months. I'm not sure when these pictures are from. I think it was in late March after Vince's first carpal tunnel surgery (he is doing great, by the way!) I hope to get caught up with our progress here on the blog in the next few days.

Lumber for trim, paint for walls, and 2 tables we got from the old Hunts Turkey Farm building in Killawog. We rented the building from 1996 to 1999 for Fancifuls. The legs were really rusty, so I painted those with some Rustoleum. They are super heavy duty with stainless steel tops.

This is what the floor looks like up close.

The rubber baseboard trim. It was a 120 foot roll and we used all but about 14". That is a floor drain to the left of the roll.

Wall Magic!! This is a 2 roller system where you can paint 2 colors at the same time and it gives a great effect. I have painted walls, floors and furniture with this roller. My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas one year after I saw an infomercial about it back in the 80's. Soon after that cheaper versions showed up in home improvement stores. I LOVE this thing! Thanks Donna!

I was too lazy to mask off the line we drew on the wall, so I just held a piece of cardboard on the wall.

Vince wanted a little something extra on the top half of the wall in the distillery side, so we thought this stone block stencil would give a castle effect.

 It only took me a day to stencil this! I love it when it takes less time than I think it is going to, because that hardly ever happens! It usually takes me 3 times longer than I think it should. I love the way it looks.

And on to the tasting room.....

I had a lot of the 2 colors of paint left over from the other side ( I am terrible at figuring out how much paint to buy ) so I decide to do the bottom half of the tasting room with it.

Vince was doing this with his hand all bandaged up from his surgery. I love putting trim up, it is like framing a picture!

Guess what? I still had the 2 colors of paint on the wall magic rollers, so I decided to do the bottom half of the bathroom!

The theme in here is going to be a fairy forest. That's the plan anyway!

We are going to put a wooden chair rail around here because we had to do a handicapped accessible bathroom, which means metal hand rails, so we wanted to attach those to something sturdy.

I decided to change it up a little by stamping these leaves on the bottom half of the wall to help with the forest theme.

That's it for this installment! I know you are staying tuned, and I appreciate your patience!