Thursday, September 10, 2015

fairy doors

 I got this stencil and Vince said " Wow, those would make great fairy doors!"

so I made some cardboard templates and he cut a bunch of doors out for me, some have metal stakes on the bottom so they can be put into the ground or a flower pot. I cut the stencil apart so it would be easier to use.

stenciled, glittered and embellished with brass hinges, filigree, a doorknocker, keyhole, a button door knob, and faux crystal flowers, hearts and stars.

I picked out my two favorites and wandered around the yard and put them wherever I thought they looked cute!

this is the at the base of the huge pine tree at the end of our driveway

flower pots on the porch

In the fairy garden, of course!

look who showed up!!